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De-Stress Muscle Milk
De-Stress Muscle Milk

De-Stress Muscle Milk

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This sensorial aroma remedy is a powerful synergy for overworked, tired and aching muscles. Warming and relaxing extracts of Lavender, Clovebud, Juniperberry and Thyme makes for the ultimate "Me Time" bath that will leave your skin satin smooth and silky. 

Key Ingredients:

Lavender Oil: Lavender oil moisturizes chapped and aging skin. It also relieves tension with its soothing, calming, and harmonizing effect on the nerves. It is effective for headaches, migraines, nausea, and insomnia.

Clove Bud Oil: Clove oil is an excellent pain reliever for muscle pain and joints due to its anti-inflammatory and cooling effects on the body.

Juniperberry Oil: Juniper Berry oil is great for relieving muscle and/or joint pain. It works by numbing pain and increasing circulation to aid in healing. 

Directions for use: Add 10ml - 20ml while running the bath. Unwind your body and mind for 10-15 minutes.

Size: 200ml

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